Monday, June 30, 2014

Using Retweets and Vias on Twitter

Twitter offers many variations for retweeting or mentioning a Twitter handle in a tweet. With the amount of combinations available for brands and businesses to engage with others, how do you know which technique is the best? While there is no clear-cut answer, there are best practices to keep in mind the next time you want to share a tweet.

Using the Retweet Button
Determining when to simply use the retweet button depends on the circumstance. For example, retweeting a statistic, funny quote, or shout-out to your brand is an appropriate time to use the retweet button because you are giving the Twitter handle direct credit. This technique is best applied to B2C brands as a way of highlighting or thanking a customer’s tweet.


Using RT
If you want your Twitter handle to appear as the sender of the tweet, you can simply add RT to the beginning of the tweet, followed by the original tweet and via @their handle. Many brands prefer this method so when followers skim their news stream, they see that brand’s Twitter handle, not the handle that was retweeted. Using RT is also beneficial if you are using the direct wording of the original tweet. It serves as a way to source the original material.


Including Via
When sharing an article, news story, or interesting fact, using via is an appropriate way to give the source credit and to also allow additional benefits to your Twitter account. For example, this method allows you to add your own thoughts or commentary to share your point of view. Adding commentary can be a small remark such as “good information,” “helpful tips,” or “great ideas.” Vias are beneficial for the source because they receive a mention. If someone retweets your tweet, then your Twitter account will receive the benefit of being retweeted – not the original source.


Incorporating Retweets, RTs, and Vias
Incorporating direct retweets along with RTs and vias is the best method to showcase your brand’s versatility in Twitter. These best practices can help you understand a basic Twitter function and how it can best serve your brand or business.

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Using a combination of retweets (RT) and vias allows your brand or business to showcase its ability to be well-versed in both methods. With trial and error, experimenting, and testing your tweets, you can determine the best times to use retweet or via. We recommend following these practices to create an engaging and properly attributed Twitter atmosphere.

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