Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is Your Social Media Marketing Program Prepared for the Future?

Google+ is the “walking dead.” Investors are nervous about Twitter’s long-term prospects. Will teens still be on Instagram in five years? Over the last several weeks, industry insiders, analysts and the media have speculated about the future of several of the social network giants.

Every day, the social media landscape shifts. User tastes change. Startup tech companies emerge to disrupt the giants. The giants change their strategy overnight. All this uncertainty and rapid change may have digital marketers scratching their heads and, frankly, a little bit worried. After all, they’ve invested money and resources into building social media marketing programs to attract new clients and build loyalty among existing customers.

Companies and brands may be wondering how to manage their social media programs, especially when the future seems uncertain. Here at DBE, we understand the anxiety. We’ve just published a POV for digital marketers who might be wondering how – and how fast – to adapt their social media marketing strategy in the face of the latest industry changes.

Here are a few questions the POV answers:

  • What does the latest “news” about social networks mean for my current digital marketing strategy?
  • Am I wasting money and resources by building a presence on them now?
  • How do I future proof my social media investment?

So stop scratching your head. We have good news: with the right focus, your investment is secure. To download this POV please e-mail us an inquiry at:

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