Thursday, May 02, 2013

Adapting Marketing to a Mobile Reality

I haven’t used my personal laptop in months. And I’m not alone.

Use of Mobile and Desktop Web

When I’m not working, my tablet and smartphone are pretty much the only technology I need for online shopping and product comparisons, watching videos on Vimeo and Hulu, reading news, paying bills, taking and sharing photos, finding information, and communicating with friends and family. My computer sits in the corner collecting dust.

Mobile devices and tablets are becoming the primary Internet access point for a growing number of people. Why sit at your desk when you can surf from the comfort of your couch or while you’re out-and-about? Mobile is changing the way we discover, engage with, and purchase new products and services.

Multi-device marketing is the new normal. As a marketer, I see this shift in consumer behavior changing the way brands position themselves in the online space. Here are a few of the emerging mobile trends:
  • A mobile-optimized website experience is no longer optional. 
  • PPC advertisers are preparing for Google AdWords Enhanced as campaigns will be automatically transitioned to appear across all devices in mid-2013. 
  • Opt-in SMS marketing is providing an immediate, one-on-one dialogue between brands and customers. 
  • Mobile integration enhances other consumer touch points, including in-store displays, print and TV ads, billboards and more, by connecting traditional brand encounters with digital engagements. 

Mobile offers tremendous opportunities for brands to connect with consumers during the buying cycle, often in very cost-effective ways. The question isn’t “should we invest in mobile marketing”, but “what’s the best way to adapt our marketing for a mobile-first world?”

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