Friday, July 08, 2011

Google Pushing the Button

Google has released the +1 button to the public and now it's available for use on websites. The button allows signed in users to recommend client sites to their friends, with the click of a button - much like Facebook's 'Like' button. Before users had to click the button within the search results but with this latest update you can add it to your site and they can +1 your site while checking out a specific page.

Additionally, Google is now showing the +1 button in the organic search results for Web sites that have added the button to their sites - even for users that are not signed into their Google account. Although, with so few having added the button so far - it's not something you're seeing a lot of yet.

However, if you are signed in to your Google account the +1 button is everywhere for both sites that have added the button and ones that haven't. It even changes color and does an eye catching shimmer if you mouse over it.

Google believes that fans of sites can now recommend businesses to their friends and other contacts to see. It also believes that businesses will see more improved and qualified traffic. Although Google sees this as a win-win situation for consumers and businesses alike, unless more businesses add this tool to their sites, many will never see the “+1’s” at all.

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