Thursday, June 24, 2010

Social Networking in the Corporate World

In the ever-growing social media landscape, social networking in the corporate world is becoming more important in all aspects business. The options for using networking to your company’s advantage are endless. Here are a few key insights to common challenges faced by businesses venturing into social networking.

Social Networking in the Corporate World: Brand Awareness

A 2009 Cone study reports that 95% of social media users expect brands to be present on social sites. Two key questions marketers should ask themselves when implementing a social media brand awareness campaign are: 1) Is your message reaching your intended audience; and 2) Is that message effective? Through social media, you can target your audience, and in some cases, let your audience target you. Your image - your corporate brand – is defined by how you create it. The trick with social media is: you are what you create, but is what you create always what you are?

Social Networking in the Corporate World: Consumer Interaction

Consumers are all about instant gratification and having a presence on social networking sites helps your business keep up the pace. 78% of survey respondents expect brands to interact with them via social media channels. It is crucial to be accessible and responsive to your network. Encourage interaction from all ends, but monitor this interaction as well. Every thread of your social network links back to your business and affects your image.

Social Networking in the Corporate World: Employee Usage

Keep in mind that many of your employees probably visit social media sites on a daily basis and are familiar with the functionality. Use these sites as a knowledge base and training center for them to share what they know and continue learning from peers and management. Don’t limit what your employees can do in the social network. Boost morale, loyalty, confidence and retention by supporting internal networking.

If your business isn’t taking social networking in the corporate world seriously – now’s the time.

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