Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DBE Releases Results of Social Media Study

Digital Brand Expressions released its new research report on how companies are adopting the use of social media throughout their organizations. This study, conducted by DBE, looked at if companies are using social media, how they are approaching its incorporation into business communications, if they have a strategic social media plan in place, and which business units are involved in the planning, measurement, and use of social media.

Some interesting highlights from the report include:

  • While 78% of respondents indicated that their business is actively using social media, only 41% reported that these activities are covered under a company plan.

  • Of companies with a social media plan in place, 94% include marketing activities within the plan, but only 16% include Human Resources or recruiting activities

  • Of those companies that don’t have a strategic plan but think it is important to create one, the number one activity rated as important to include in a social media plan is allocating resources for ongoing activities

Download DBE’s Corporate Social Media Study:


More information on DBE’s Enterprise Social Media Program can be found here:


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