Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What is Search Engine Marketing?

"What is search engine marketing, and how is it used?"

If you and your team are new to search marketing, it can be a little unnerving. So many terms to absorb, so many strategies and options. Questions about technologies, techniques, 'black hat' versus 'white hat' optimization, bid management approaches, Flash and SEO, social media, and so much more.

Our team has heard it all before, so don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated. In fact our president and CEO, Niki Fielding, was recently interviewed by Love To Know's Business section for an article on search engine marketing. It's a great overview of SEO, paid search, and social media marketing for anyone who's just learning the ropes.

We've helped many companies sort it all out to arrive at solutions that work for them. Just contact us and we’ll help you get up to speed. You’ll be tossing around jargon in no time!

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