Monday, February 09, 2009

To Tweet, or Not to Tweet

What is Twitter? Why should I use it? Why would anyone want to know what I’m doing, and vice versa? Isn’t Twitter too time-consuming? I bet only teenagers use Twitter, right?

Whether I’m talking with friends or business associates, I hear these questions pretty often. To be honest, I asked them too – but then I gave Twitter a try and quickly moved through the 5 stages of Twitter acceptance. Now I adore Twitter. In fact, I posted my 400th update this week (see image at top). I use the micro-blogging service to communicate with friends and colleagues, to share articles that I’ve found interesting, to gather info for new projects, and to learn from and talk with people in the industry.

I’m not Twitter’s only admirer. Many business people swear by Twitter as an invaluable tool for professional networking. Dozens of brands, including Zappos, Comcast, JetBlue, Marriott International, HR Block, and Rubbermaid (as well as several of our own clients) have jumped at the chance to use Twitter as a platform for interacting with customers.

Still have your doubts about Twitter’s value? I recommend reading “Ending The Twitter Mystery: What People Think About Twitter—And How They Use It,” by Scott Abel, CEO of The Content Wrangler. In the article, Abel explores why and how people use Twitter by talking with members of The Content Wrangler Community (myself included).

Of course, the best way to develop an appreciation for Twitter is to try it out. Sign up for your own account and try following a few friends and brands that you love. You’re also welcome to follow me @PamAbbazia – I’d love to hear how Twitter works for you.

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