Friday, December 12, 2008

Partnership 2.0

As expected via my tweet yesterday afternoon, the Gala for The Partnership for Drug-Free America last night was stellar. The event was noteworthy for several reasons, not the least of which is that it raised nearly $2.0 million for The Partnership. Quite an achievement during these tough economic times though, as mentioned several times over the course of the evening, all the more needed as these current conditions often lead to increased instances of substance abuse.

The evening certainly delivered resonant messages but it was also the way these were presented that made them all the more powerful. With Charles Osgood as Master of Ceremonies, opening entertainment by the Pilobolus Dance Company, video segments, lively speakers and honorees, and a compelling death and life story from parent spokesperson Gary Neal, the event was in a word – engaging. And, in that sense, it perfectly captured how The Partnership has integrated today’s Web 2.0 world with its traditional media outlets to get the word out about the wealth of resources it offers to families in need.

Sitting there with our client, The Partnership’s head of Digital Product Development, and the President of their interactive agency
Something Digital, it was personally rewarding to hear and see the acknowledgement of the numerous engagement assets they have deployed with our two agency’s help – blogs, videos, stand-alone digital outposts, community outreach, parent tool kits, etc. We look forward to working with The Partnership in 2009 and continuing to help more people find the answers they are searching for related to prevention and intervention with drug and alcohol abuse.

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