Friday, February 22, 2008

Build a Positive Brand Image with Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is the knowledge sharing Q&A based social network. With 400 million answers, all searchable in its archives, Yahoo Answers is the second-most-visited education/reference site on the Internet after Wikipedia, according to comScore.

There are many professionals and business owners providing valuable knowledge and experiences on Yahoo Answers. By identifying yourself as such and providing great answers, you are building credibility and positive brand image for your business.

Each Yahoo Answers form comes with a section for listing web sites as references to the answer. These links are shown to result in referring traffic to the sites of those users who answer with in depth and accurate answers. And Yahoo answers are included in Yahoo search results and Mobile search results too. All these will add more traffic to your site.

How to make this work:

  • Make sure your site has good content on the subject area. It is very important that your site is relevant to the subject area.

  • Setup an RSS feed. It will send you the questions in your subject area as a feed to your computer. It is very easy to setup

    • Using the Advanced search feature, enter the keywords that people may use in their questions that are relevant to your subject area, and choose to see only open questions and click the Search button.

    • In the search results page, you will see an RSS button.

    • Subscribe to the feed and add it to your feed reader.

  • Check your feed reader once a day.

  • Answer the question and add a link to your site with your signature. (Without your signature, you may be considered as a spammer. So, it is advisable to leave your signature)

As with any social media site, focus first on what you can give to the community rather than what you can get from it. When used correctly, Yahoo Answers can be a great source of direct referral traffic, as well as indirect search engine traffic.

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