Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Social Media Interview—WSJ

I was interviewed by Laura Lorber of The Wall Street Journal about integrating social media into the marketing mix recently.

We talked about how organizations of all sizes are beginning to explore Web 2.0 enabled technologies and the information exchanges they enhance. For a fast and interesting read, check out this posting on The Wall Street Journal and be sure to read through the comments below Ms. Lorber’s blog post … it’s a great window into the way many businesspeople are thinking quite narrowly about social media, limiting it to MySpace and other digital outposts popular with younger audiences.

We’re advising our clients to expand their consideration of social media beyond the very consumer-focused solutions and to think about becoming more engaged with Digg, Yahoo Answers, and other digital outposts that can help fortify their brands and build audience awareness. And some social media profiles, such as company profiles in Facebook, are actually picked up by the search engines and help with reputation management and SEO.

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