Monday, November 11, 2013

Ghost Town+

If you’re like me, you look at your Google+ account and wonder where everybody is. Well no, if I’m really being honest, you don’t look at your Google+ account at all. Despite reports touting massive growth and booming usage, I don’t know anyone who’s really actively using Google+.
Take a look at your account now. How many people in your circles have posted things in the past month? (Ignore “What’s Hot” and “Nearby” because this isn’t Twitter. Random people getting access to your personal profile is creepy.) I’m guessing there are about two of them. The client you added to an acquaintance circle when you first signed up and the buddy you worked with a few years ago who loves sharing inspirational messages. Is it about four posts in the past month, with none in the last two weeks?
At times it feels like marketers are the only ones on Google+. It makes sense that it would feel like that. Google has basically forced us to adopt it by pulling all their services and accounts into the Google+ umbrella. They’ve tied it into their search engine rankings, AdWords, Maps and more. Like it or not, Google dominates the search industry and what they say, goes. Google can sometimes act like the kid who brought the ball to the playground. You can only play if you play by his rules. So marketers really don’t have a choice. They have to get their business or clients on Google+.
It’s unfortunate, since there’s no audience, but with the Google+ influence getting stronger in Hummingbird, adoption has become mandatory. To get DBE’s take on Google+, request a copy of our most recent POV.

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