Thursday, March 28, 2013

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently announced AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, an initiative that restructures ad and device management settings within AdWords.  There are some benefits to the changes, but also some major drawbacks. 
Google has added some controls and options that have been a long time coming, but the primary change revolves around how AdWords Enhanced Campaigns handle settings for device targeting.  For the uninitiated, the simplification of device targeting should result in additional traffic from new sources, and makes it easier to manage, but for experienced AdWords marketers this traffic is already available with infinitely more control over where and when ads are displayed and how much those ads will cost.
AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will be a forced migration.  Campaigns can be opted in now, or Google will automatically transition campaigns late in Q2 2013.
Google is giving a little and taking a lot.  The changes to device settings are like trying to create a detailed sculpture with a jackhammer.  Precise management is critical for quality results.  By forcing advertisers into mobile and limiting their control over it, Google is going to increase competition as well as cost per click.
For more information about this change and action items related to it, request our full POV.

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