Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shine a Spotlight on Your Brand: Tumblr Unveils New Advertising Options

With 20 billion posts and 50 billion tumblogs, Tumblr, the social blogging platform, has seen quite a bit of success, to say the least.  The incredible part?  It’s been profitless since its CEO, David Karp, launched the site five years ago.

Until recently, marketers could only engage the community by creating Tumblogs and sharing share-worthy content. Now Tumblr is starting to monetize by offering paid advertising solutions.

On May 2, Tumblr announced the release of its first set of paid “sponsored products” – Radar and Spotlight. The features allow the company to highlight content from advertisers without intruding on its users’ blogs.  Here are some highlights of the features, as provided by Tumblr:

·         Radar receives more than 120 million impressions daily
·         “Sponsors get a dedicated share of attention” through Radar, a showcase of sponsored media
·         Spotlight receives “tens of millions of follows each week for new and existing users”
·         Content curated by Tumblr’s editors get featured “front and center” on Spotlight

With the introduction of the new sponsored products also comes a new option for marketers in formulating an integrated digital content marketing strategy.  Ultimately, the companies that would undoubtedly benefit most from a Tumblr placement would be B2C brands with a younger, less affluent target audience.

The most important factor to consider in this new paid advertising solution is whether or not it makes sense for your company to make the investment, so here are a few key points about Tumblr.

One distinctive trait of Tumblr is its dedicated following.  Tumblr users not only engage via the internet, but also engage in real life through meetups.  According to the site, 10,238 meetups have been arranged around the world in its five years of existence.  This attribute is especially beneficial to businesses because of the opportunity it presents in allowing them to integrate their digital marketing with a real-life call to action.

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