Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Are Best Practices for Responsive Website SEO?

Google’s bounced around a bit over the last few years regarding what constitutes best practices for SEO on responsive websites.  Not too long ago, it wanted to see separate sites for desktop and mobile devices.  Now Google has added responsive design as an option it likes to see.  

Responsive websites configure themselves on the fly to adjust to the screen they recognize a visitor is using, which means using the same URL for your website regardless of how and where it is being viewed by visitors.

Our latest POV “Why is Mobile Traffic Important?” cites stats from Google’s recent “Mobile Path to Purchase” study, shows examples of traffic shifting from desktop to mobile devices, explains what Google is looking for from mobile site optimization, and offers a short check list of content-related questions for your responsive site, and provides technical elements that should be considered when planning to migrate to a responsive platform.

It’s a lot of information in one easy-to-digest POV.  To download this and our other POVs, click here.

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