Monday, December 02, 2013

How Guerilla Marketing Can Turn Viral

As a marketer, do you find yourself envying those super-clever guerilla marketing campaigns that go viral and have everyone talking?

While they look like overnight sensations, the truth is that as with most marketing, guerilla takes careful planning. To make it go viral involves an integrated game plan that leverages public relations and social media channels as accelerants to getting people talking and sharing.

For an example of what goes into various guerilla elements and how public relations and social sparks exponential awareness, look no further than this recent example for the movie Carrie. Sony Pictures hired a three-man agency in NYC to pull off a telekinetic prank on unsuspecting coffee patrons.

On October 7, the video was released on YouTube, just 10 days before the movie premiere. This was the perfect timing to draw social media buzz across the web. In just the last month, the video has received over 47 million views on YouTube! Beyond the views, the amount of news websites, bloggers, and fan reactions certainly brought the movie to people’s attention.

As with any marketing campaign, stardom doesn’t happen overnight. To learn what went on behind the scenes and how to make your own guerilla marketing campaign go viral, download our most recent POV.

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