Friday, October 18, 2013

Facebook Announces New Mobile App Ads

The competitive market for mobile apps is fierce. According to
AppBrain, the number of Android apps has grown from 550,000 in December 2012 to 850,000 in October 2013. What’s even more eye-opening is that Localytics recently found that among app users, 66% open apps only one to ten times.

With a 55% increase in Android apps in 2013 and the majority of apps being opened less than ten times, how do you get your app in front of your target market?
On October 1st, Facebook announced that it is expanding its Mobile App Ads to fill the gap for engagement and conversion.

Facebook’s Developer Blog noted: “Now mobile app ads can keep existing users active within your app, even after they install. You can now use deep-links for your mobile app ads, letting you direct users to a customized, specific location inside your app, such as a sale, promotion or specific content such as a new album or hotel listing.”
The new ads have seven choices for calls to action. This includes generic choices, such as “Open Link” and “Use App,” as well as specific calls to action, such as “Listen Now,” “Play Game,” “Shop Now,” “Book Now” (which is in the example above), and “Watch Now”.
Companies with mobile apps for retail, games, travel, music, and more have a new opportunity to reach their current audience and encourage them to reopen and use their app.
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