Monday, September 30, 2013

Looking Back at AdWords Enhanced

Making the best of it

It’s been about two months since Google forced advertisers to migrate to Enhanced Campaigns.My feelings regarding the changes haven’t really improved. The few good changes, like ad group level Sitelink Extensions, are still outweighed by the negatives like a failure to differentiate between desktop and tablet traffic and the removal of mobile targeting controls.

Google has made one, small semi-concession since originally announcing Enhanced Campaigns. Mobile bid modifiers are now available at the ad group level. That is a little better than limiting it to the campaign level, but only a little. Unfortunately, Enhanced Campaigns aren’t going anywhere, so how do we make the best of a bad situation?

  • Account Clean-Up Review performance and refresh the account.
  • Mobile Options Segment data by device, and make informed adjustments.
  • Extensions Take advantage of the good Enhanced Campaign changes by utilizing the applicable Extensions.

Advertisers need to find a way to live with the new Enhanced settings. A properly configured and maintained account can still perform well under these new conditions. We’ve explained these tips for getting the most from your Enhanced Campaigns in our , and we’re here to help if you need it.

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