Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adding Content for SEO

How to build an Optimized WebSite

You’ve just launched your beautiful, streamlined site. Now why isn’t there any traffic?

It seems like the latest trend in website design is minimalism.  If you’re launching a new site or redesigning an existing one, think about one thing; “How are people going to find me?”  Even after taking care of all the technical aspects to make sure your site loads quickly and can be crawled by the search engines, you need to do more.  While it may look great to limit the content on your site to a handful of pages, it’s not a good idea from an optimization perspective. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that in SEO "content is king".  To attract search engine visibility for a variety of keywords, each keyword needs its own page of well-written, engaging content.  Great content gets referenced and linked to by other websites which is a key search engine ranking factor. On top of that, people share great content with their social media networks, making social signals another factor the search engines are now taking into account.

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