Monday, March 18, 2013

Facebook News Feed Redesign


News Feed Changes: On March 7, Facebook announced that it will be introducing several new update feeds:
  • All Friends - a feed that only shows what friends are sharing.
  • Photos - a feed dedicated to photos.
  • Music - a feed with posts about the music people listen to.
  • Following - a feed with the latest news.
  • Most Recent – a feed that includes all updates in the order it happened.
Facebook will be keeping the current feed, News Feed, which includes all of the items above – news, photos, and music from both friends and company pages. There will also be feeds for Games and Groups.

Design Enhancements: The design of these feeds will have a new look; the redesign includes the following features:
  • When two people become friends, a small icon of your friend will show up in your feed along with the new friend’s icon and header image.
  • When people like a post, a short list of people who liked the post will be included with the total number of people who liked the post.
  • The date for events will show up in feeds as well.
  • Posts from company pages have also been redesigned. For example:
  • Finally, the new design will look the same across the web, mobile, and tablet.


Action Items:
  1. Your brand can join the waitlist to get the new homepage. This will enable you to be one of the first companies to see the new feed and work out potential kinks early.
  2. Social media posts should be optimized for the new format. This will include changes to increase engagement and drive social sharing, such as:
      - More visual content and calls-to-action (“Share this!”).
      - Shorter copy for image posts, as the copy is now placed over the image.
      - Images to be cropped so that copy can appear in “white space”. Example of old vs. new version:

To learn more, visit Facebook.

All images are courtesy of Facebook.

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