Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Pages Upgrade

Facebook is upgrading company Fan Pages to look the same as personal profiles. Starting this week, companies and brands may take advantage of the opportunity to be among the first to upgrade their Pages. All pages on Facebook will appear in the new layout beginning March 2011.

This is an exciting change because it opens up new opportunities for networking on behalf of your brand and offers increased controls for Page admins.

Notable features include:

Latest photos appear across the top of your page:
The most recent photos that you post to your Wall or photos that you tag your Page in will appear at the top of the Wall. This area will not include any photos posted by your fans (unlike on personal profiles where your friends’ tagging updates this section). To hide a photo, roll over it and click X.

Show the Top Posts on Your Wall:
You now have 2 Wall filters. You can show posts by your page and top posts from Everyone, a new way for people to see the most interesting stories first. As an admin, you'll have additional filters for viewing posts on your page. To set a default filter for your Wall, go to Edit Page.

Use Facebook as Your Page:
You now have the flexibility to interact with the other areas of Facebook as a page, rather than having to use your personal profile name. You can also get notifications when fans interact with your page or posts, see activity from the pages you like in your news feed, Like other pages and feature them on your page, and make comments as your page on other pages. To use this new feature, go to Account and select Use Facebook as Page.

New settings:
You can set defaults for your email notifications and how you post to your page - as yourself or your page. You can also select which featured pages appear in the left column. To manage your settings for email and posting preferences, go to Edit Page and Your Settings. To select which pages appear in Likes, go to Edit Page and Featured.

Since Facebook is now sending email alerts for new postings on Pages, you can also set keywords as a Moderation Block List. There is also a Profanity Filter which can be set to None, Medium, or Strong.

The downside is that Tabs are now less visible. They’re minimized as links in the Left sidebar. These are really only meant to be landing pages for first-time visitors to your page or for Facebook Ads – otherwise it is unlikely that many fans will click over to view them.

For more information, read Facebook’s official notice regarding the change. To see an upgraded Facebook Page in action, visit Digital Brand Expressions' Page at

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