Friday, July 09, 2010

Twitter Highlights Exclusive Deals with @EarlyBird

This week Twitter announced the launch of @EarlyBird, an account which features exclusive offers from select advertising partners. Twitter users will only see these promotional messages if they opt-in to follow the account, or if someone they’re following retweets an @EarlyBird message.

Twitter is likely to expand this advertising channel by creating similar accounts which focus on geographic areas (New York, Miami, etc.) and interests (fashion, tech, music, etc.). Together with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends, @EarlyBird gives Twitter one more potential source of revenue.

Many companies have already adopted Twitter as a tool for sharing special news and promotions with their customers. The @EarlyBird account offers these companies a way to promote their special offers to a broader audience and connect with people who may not be following them directly. It also provides a positive experience for Twitter users who want to stay updated on relevant discounts, but who don’t want to clutter their Twitter streams with updates from dozens of companies. The downside for users is that, since this is paid advertising, you're probably not going to see messages from brands who don't buy-in.

Here are highlights from Twitter’s @EarlyBird FAQ

What is @earlybird?

Twitter @earlybird Exclusive Offers are special time-bound deals, sneak-peeks, and events that are promoted by the official Twitter @earlybird account. We partner with select advertisers and retweet offers that they have crafted only for the Twitter community. Our advertising partners determine the terms of the offer, including availability, amount, and price.

Is there a catch?

Given the name and nature of the account, it won't surprise you that offers are always time-sensitive and sometimes supply-sensitive, so they may run out quickly. Our advertisers are responsible for the terms and conditions of each offer, so please review them if you have any questions.

Does Twitter make money from this?

Yes, we earn revenue through our relationships with advertisers. Our focus will be to try and make these deals interesting and of value to you. We take pride in being selective about the type of deals we highlight and hope they will be an exciting way to start your day.

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