Tuesday, March 03, 2009

False Prophets

One of our clients got an “SEO Tip” from an online advertising vendor the other day. Fortunately, they called us for verification before implementing it on their own. Turns out the “tip” was more of a “trick” that could actually have devalued our client’s website in the eyes of the search engines. Imagine this outcome after everything the client has invested and we have done to improve their visibility.

But how many others who got this so-called tip, who don’t have the benefit of expert advise and counsel, actually went ahead and did themselves a disservice while thinking the opposite to be true?

And this is the problem with an industry that lacks clear guidelines or standards or a one-stop resource that can help separate best practice from malpractice.

SEMPO is doing its best (and as Circle Members we at DBE are doing our part to help) but I sometimes worry that this is in effect preaching to the choir; the ones who already know the right way from the wrong way. How do we reach the myriad of vendors who, hopefully, honestly believe they are passing on some good advice and the equally myriad of webmasters who are willing to take this advice on good faith alone?

One can only hope the ROI mindset that has seen a revival in these economic times will drive more to avoid the snake oil promise of miracles and see the light of true search marketing tactics that lead to accountable success.

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