Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Proof The Social Media Space Race Is On

The Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG) just released the findings of its Social Media Survey with the lead message being “you’re not as far behind as you think.” And while this is evidenced by the two-thirds of respondents who classified their social media expertise at some form of beginner’s level, I don’t think you should take solace in the fact you are not alone. Rather, a closer look at some of the data reveals a real sense of urgency that marketers have about catching up in this emerging media before they find themselves left even further behind their competitors, let alone their customers.

Take a look at this: over two-thirds of these same marketers are increasing their social media budgets next year.

And this: over 95% of the respondents stated that it was critical or important to become proficient in the use of social media in marketing with more than half stating it was “Absolutely critical.”

So, now that the social media marketing race has clearly started, what you are doing to get ahead?

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