Thursday, October 23, 2008

SMX East Retrospective By The Letters

Finally managed to review my notes and gather my thoughts about being a part of the inaugural SMX East conference held in NYC two weeks ago. Using the letters S-M-X as triggers/associations:

  • S is for – Search, of course. Speaking on Reporting and Scorecarding for Management (see segments of my speech and Niki’s spotlights on proactive Search Reputation Management, too). Supporting SEMPO by stinting at the booth and talking with Katie Donovan about the future direction of the SEMPO Institute. And seeing the emergence of Social Search as a significant subject above and below the surface through the three days of sessions.

  • M is for – Marketing, naturally. Meeting many peers and sharing matters on our minds. Hearing mentions of media (not just Social Media) but also in context and comparison with mainstream metrics like reach and frequency that CMO’s understand. Also, much was made of the missed opportunities from not integrating search with the offline marketing mix along with mounting evidence of the impact of search on brand measures like awareness and thought leadership.

  • X is for – Expo(sition), an appropriate name for the wide range of exploring and examining of our industry’s challenges and opportunities with fellow experts. All in all, an excellent event.

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