Friday, September 12, 2008

Search and PR – Perfect Partners

I spent yesterday at the PRSA’s Technology Conference in New York City. Listening to the speakers from a search marketer’s point of view was very interesting. So much of the content seemed strangely familiar, yet somehow new. I finally realized during Brian Solis’ session on measuring social media strategies that the PR world is branching out into an environment that search marketers already live and breathe in. Their intentions are different, but they are seeking to exist in the same space.

PR people and search marketers are poised to be able to work together in a way that offers far more value for our joint clients than if we remain as separate entities. Search marketers understand the social media environment, search engine reputation management and online content distribution – all areas that PR professionals need to move into as public relations transitions more and more into the Web 2.0 space. It makes sense to work together to ensure that clients are getting optimal results for both their PR and search marketing initiatives.

Because search marketers are already implementing social media and reputation management programs for our clients, we have the metrics to support their value – something I heard many PR practitioners looking for at the conference.

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