Thursday, June 26, 2008

SEMPO Debate: Agency vs. In-House SEM

Last Wednesday, I participated in the first Great SEMPO NY Debate. Members of the SEM community took sides over whether search marketing is best handled In-House or by an Agency. Naturally, I was on the Agency side and, naturally, I think we “won” but you can judge for yourself by checking out some video clips of the event posted on DBE’s YouTube channel.

Two quick notes before you watch:

  • One, the venue was a bar and with over 100 in attendance. It got a little noisy so you’ll have to listen a little harder.
  • Two, bear in the mind that the debate format is by nature antagonistic and, in this case, belies the usual camaraderie of SEMPO and the search community in general. I found my fellow debaters on both sides of the issue to be well-spoken and open-minded in conversations we had afterwards.

Now "let’s go to the videotape":

The Great SEMPO Debate NYC – “In-House vs. Agency SEM”

And here’s a clip from a short, secondary debate on the value of SEO link building.

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